Our constant frame of reference is to create regulatory-compliant, smooth-running, cost-efficient retirement programs in harmony with the ambitions of the plan sponsor, and the aspirations of the plan participants.
— Lauren Morris

for business owners, the responsibilities of sponsoring a company retirement plan can be complex, and the duty of acting exclusively in the best interests of the participants can prove burdensome:


how much should our plan cost?

      how do we choose investments?

what does plan design really mean?

how do we make sure our employees understand this stuff?

how do we know if we've got the right plan for us?

these are the questions we get asked most frequently. 
we’ve got some pretty good answers for you.

our aim is to simplify the process, ensure value for plan costs, minimize fiduciary exposure, and maximize the participant experience. 


so how do you go about selecting the right advisor for you and your organization? 

Here are some frequently unasked questions that will help you decide.