We get what you’re up against.
And we can help.

Non-profits often have to compete for funding within the same donor pool, so even when fundraising remains a top priority, resource squeeze and an increasing need within the community can overwhelm these efforts.

The burden to “do more with less” can put a serious strain on other vital resources, too: in particular, your people.

So how do you:

– Retain a dedicated workforce;
– Reduce costs;
– And decrease administrative burdens?

It might not seem obvious, but your retirement plan is a good place to start.

A cost-efficient retirement plan, in conjunction with a robust education program, not only reduces employee turnover, it helps them feel more confident about the future.

Moreover, it demonstrates to grant-makers and donors a commitment to your employees, without whom the organization’s mission wouldn’t be possible.

We know you’re swamped and the workload isn’t getting smaller, but if you’ve ever thought your retirement plan should be doing more for your organization, start by talking to Lauren: lauren@rpadvisorsllc.com.


(Don’t worry: she’s nice and hates aggressive marketing as much as you do.)