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corporate clients with retirement plans

We proactively serve sponsors of group retirement plans who value good governance, cost efficiency and powerful participation education.




Servicing: 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing Plans,
Cash Balance Plans, and Defined Benefit Plans.



Employee Education and Communication

The success of your plan hinges on the level of employee participation. A well-constructed communications strategy can help you meet certain 404(c) requirements while encouraging participants to enroll in and get the most of out your retirement plan. We will customize a strategy that:

• Helps employees understand the benefits of their plan;
• Helps employees develop appropriate asset allocation strategies;
• Seeks to maximize employee participation and increase their contributions;
• Offers ongoing education about retirement planning and individual participant tracking;

Enrollment meetings provide the opportunity to maximize participation by educating
and raising the awareness of your employees about the plan and how they can use it
to pursue their retirement investing goals.  We focus on this effort by coordinating and conducting the enrollment meetings and, if appropriate, secure the involvement of your service provider.